Vichy Homme – CODE PURETE (new 2012)

Vichy Homme – PURETE CODE: A skin care line that sees the skin of young men!

Thanks to its unique expertise on the effects of testosterone on the skin of the man, the Vichy Laboratoires have developed an exclusive line of products for the specific needs of young men impure skin. The refreshing textures are non-greasy, absorb quickly and are effective without much effort.

Testosterone significantly influenced the physical and psychological characteristics, which distinguishes men from women: body size, muscle, behavior, etc. And like all hormones, it permeates the entire body and gives the man’s skin its specific structure. For example, the skin of a man is up to 20% thicker than the female. Moreover, it is supplied with blood. More numerous and more active sebaceous glands produce more sebum than twice. The grease on the skin naturally, but especially the skin of young men can be more prone to shine and blemishes. One final and important issue is the facial hair: shaved in his life, a man approximately 16,000 times, which causes the skin barrier is irritated, which makes the skin more sensitive.

Vichy has identified 3 problems of young men skin luster due to excess sebum, caused by the mechanical micro shaving cuts and thereby aggravated impurities. To fight these 3 main problems, Vichy has developed a 3 step program that counteracts the spread of skin blemishes for sensitive male skin.

Vichy Homme - CODE PURETE - Hautklärendes Reinigungs-Gel

Vichy Homme – CODE PURETE – Purifying Cleansing Gel

The hautklärende Cleansing Gel eliminates excess sebum. It contains salicylic and Glycosäure – two drugs that remove dead skin cells and is known for its exfoliating effect are. In addition, the Glycosäure has an antibacterial effect, counteracting the germs in the oily skin and prevents the formation of blemishes.
Clinical tests have proven that already after 4 weeks of use, the blemishes are visibly reduced: 40% less 56% less papules and pustules were measured. The gel is very easily rinsed and fresh smelling of citrus and musk.

Vichy Homme – CODE PURETE – Skin Purifying Shaving

The first soap-free shaving cream with potash alum. Potassium alum is used by barber to avoid bleeding and inflammation associated with shaving. Vichy has succeeded after two years of research, potassium alum for the first time to integrate them into a shaving cream. The dense foam protects the skin against micro cuts and prevents the spread of bacteria while shaving.
In clinical tests, it was found that under the application of shaving cream skin clarifying the number of micro-sections decrease by 77% and inflammation by 36%.

Vichy Homme - CODE PURETE - Hautklärender Rasierschaum
Vichy Homme - CODE PURETE - Hautklärende Feuchtigkeispflege

Vichy Homme – CODE PURETE – Hautklärende Feuchtigkeispflege

To combat existing blemishes, a drug trio acts in the skin clarifying Feuchtikeitspflege: Salicy and glycolic acid remove dead skin cells and act
anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. LHA also has an exfoliating effect and antibacterial forces and acts in addition to existing blemishes. Additional matting agents provide a soft focus of the skin and reveal the skin less oily.
After 4 weeks of use in clinical trials, the subjects had 55% fewer papules and 80% fewer blackheads. The gel has a “dry touch” texture: is fresh, light and absorbs quickly.

Vichy Homme - CODE PURETE
The entire line is hypoallergenic, paraben free and has been tested under dermatological control for sensitive skin and is especially suited young men. It contains Vichy Thermal Spa Water, which is known for its skin toning and skin-soothing properties.

From the end of October exclusively available at selected pharmacies and dermatologists.

Vichy Homme – CODE PURETE – Purifying Cleansing Gel, 100ml
Vichy Homme – CODE PURETE – Skin Purifying Shaving Cream, 200ml
Vichy Homme – CODE PURETE – Hautklärende Feuchtigkeispflege, 50ml

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