Vichy Dercos Neogenic for hair (Novelty 2012)

VICHY DERCOS Neogenic – The revival of hair

VICHY DERCOS Neogenic is the first treatment to the awakening of the hair. Based on knowledge of the hair cycle, and on the latest discoveries about stem cells Vichy launched a worldwide innovation in the area of alopecia. The patented molecule with biomimetic effect-Stemoxydine – awakens the dormant hair follicles from the sleep phase. The number of hairs is increased and the hair density is increased.

During his lifetime through the hair several cycles that repeat themselves throughout life: growth, regression phase, phase failure and the sleep phase. The latter has been neglected in research long. Here, the hair follicle at this time is not dead but just inactive. It may take 2 to 12 months, until it wakes up again and produce a new hair.

Researched for over 20 years L’Oréal, the stem cells that are involved in the awakening of the dormant hair follicles. The discovery of the reservoir of hair follicle stem cells, on the one hand and the production of Stemoxydine other hand, represent a major advance in hair research represents Stemoxydine is the first internationally patented molecule to promote the functioning of the person responsible for the growth of new hair cells. In a 5% concentration in Neogenic it mimics the effect after a hypoxic environment – the awakening of the hair follicle from the sleep phase is promoted. Its effectiveness is reflected in an increase in the number of hairs and fullness. At Testpersonen1 affected by an advanced hair loss, an increase in hair density by 4% was noted.

Hypoallergenic and paraben free, it is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. The effectiveness has been scientifically proven in both men and women.


As a cure for 3 months. A unit dose is applied in the morning or evening to dry or damp hair and does not have to be flushed out. For the complete cure 3 sets of 28 dosage units are needed.

Vichy Dercos Neogenic – set of 14 dosage units à 6ml

Vichy Dercos Neogenic – Set of 28 dosage units à 6ml

Exclusively available in pharmacies.

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