Thierry Mugler Parfums pour le Sac (New 2012)

Thierry Mugler perfumes pour le Sac – Angel, Alien and Womanity

Thierry Mugler’s popular women’s fragrance in limited edition as a way for the pocket

They fit perfectly into a purse or pocket: The Angel perfume creations, and Womanity Alien by Thierry Mugler is in May 2012 as “perfumes pour le Sac” available. The three elegant spray is an essential companion for all you who want Mugler perfume wherever you are …

Each spray contains 7.5 ml Eau de Parfum, and is located along with a 35-mL refill in a luxurious Coffret. With each refill the perfume awakens pour le Sac bottle back to life:

He is thus in line with the reusable bottles that are offered for each of the three scents, and with the Mugler source where they can be replenished in many locations.

The caps in the name of the perfume was engraved, are equipped with a sophisticated magnet system. As a result, the bottle can easily be closed with a handle.

Three sprayers – three practical and elegant accessories …

The version of Angel of the road protected by a glossy black shell that is decorated with a shooting star, and countless little silver stars. The touch of glamor and femininity characterizes the expression of pure sensual and exquisite creations of Mugler.

The new jewel of Alien is a jewel for the handbag of white bakelite. Him the mysterious alien logo is embossed in gold letters. At any time exempt a slight puff of spray, the mysterious, woody-amber floral notes of Alien.

Even for a practical Womanity Taschenzerstäuber was designed. The “must have” adorn the distance three silver chains, symbolizing the connection between the women. The pale-pink color of the bottle reflects the sweet-salty and woody notes of Womanity.

Thierry Mugler perfumes pour le Sac:

Angel Eau de Parfum Refillable Atomizer with 7.5 ml of 35 ml

Alien Eau de Parfum Refillable Atomizer with 7.5 ml of 35 ml

Womanity, eau de parfum spray 7.5 ml with 35 ml Refill

Thierry Mugler Parfums pour le Sac –

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