Paco Rabanne 1 Million and Lady Million Absolutely Gold Pure Fragrances (New 2012)

The flacons Paco Rabanne 1 MILLION and Lady MILLION in gold ingot shape and a cut

Diamonds stand for pure extravagance!

The secret of Paco Rabanne 1 MILLION and Lady MILLION? The lightness of a Fingerschnippsens a

Spark of irony in mind and a strong sense of gimmick.

The couple is already accustomed to success and continue on the path to the top. Your new



Valuable ingredients, a beguiling Sillage, a unique concentration: Paco Rabanne

Courage and strength to penetrate every note of these heady scents.

Cross boundaries and break with tradition. 1 MILLION and Lady MILLION

ABSOLUTELY GOLD invent the motto of the new master of fashion and do so with flying colors and

without any taboos. Conventionally to be-not her style.

Lady MILLION 1 MILLION and are part of an ultimate dream: ABSOLUTELY GOLD offers

due to its high concentration, purity and size. Pure with a concentration of 16%

Perfume for 1 MILLION and 20% for Lady MILLION, in gigantic sizes of 100 ml for him

and 80 ml for you, the gold perfume Absolutely surpass all previous records and set

new standards in the perfume world.



Paco Rabanne 1 MILLION plays with unexpected and tantalizing ingredients: the climax of the 1 MILLION

Absolutely Gold fragrance is the most precious Oud. Strong blood mandarin and intense

Peppermint a prelude. By spicy heart notes, and the masculine and sensual

Leather in the base, the scent a unique signature and individual personality


“We tried to replace or add a few ingredients to a certain

To achieve surprise, “says with perfumer Christophe Raynaud, who together

Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard 1 MILLION GOLD ABSOLUTELY has created.

The top notes are thrilling and exciting with a velvety soft, exceptional

Subsided. The fragrance is complex and multifaceted, while the base notes

unfolds. The bright suede turns into a dark leather with a more intense note

while the new oud chord replaces the original Ambranoten. Intense, sensual

and manly as it gets.


Woody and with saffron shades “shows the oud, precious and male at the same time, in the scent of a particularly impressive aura.


The dark, leather heat radiating could on a traditional, even classical perfume

Concept suggest. “We chose this leather but because of his noble character, the

the scent gives “a refined elegance, explains Christophe Raynaud.

1 MILLION GOLD ABSOLUTELY, the perfect blend of extreme olfactory sensibility,

innate sophistication and masculinity.

ABSOLUTELY GOLD “all his strength, says Christophe Raynaud. Oud, a noble ingredient

which is in the Orient its weight in gold and used in the high perfumery art, gives PURE PERFUME.


Lady MILLION asserts itself in its freedom and its fragrance is just like them: extravagant and

daring. After a breath of fresh raspberry opens a heart of white flowers at,

the orange blossom together with Arabian Jasmine’s trademark self-conscious


“Lady MILLION is a complex fragrance that the different facets of a unique woman

emphasizes, “notes Anne Flipo, which together with Béatrice Piquet and Dominique Ropion

2012 Eau de Parfum presented has done.

Today Lady MILLION seduces not only wants to convince us. Begins with ABSOLUTELY GOLD

the stimulus with alleged restraint. Bitter orange mixed with neroli essence is in the

Top notes soft and tender. The scent is a heady Sillage out of Absolue

Arabian jasmine and orange blossom complemented and completed by the powerful wood and amber base notes.


Arabian jasmine and orange blossom, an abundance of white flowers that open composition. “The depth and

the power of absolutes, “says Anne Flipo,” give the fragrance a dimension and width that is sunny, bright and dazzling. ”


Provocative but subtle. Lady MILLION GOLD ABSOLUTELY gets its sensuality on the basis of

Patchouli. Hot and sumptuous cashmere wood, as new sensual ingredient mixes with stimulating

Emphasizes Cistus Labdanum, the timber and simultaneously broadcasting a ambrige facet, “explains Anne Flipo.


1 MILLION and Lady MILLION presented in a gorgeous bottle.

The original packaging, designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrence reached, also a new

Highlights: 1 MILLION, from the mythical gold ingot shape, the symbol of all dreams

inspired. Lady MILLION, with a silhouette, inspired by the the historic Regent diamond

which, upon its discovery weighed more than 400 carats.

To underscore the value of the bottles, they carry on their front the lettering

“ABSOLUTELY GOLD”, which reflects the preciousness of fragrances. The bottles are characterized by the

Value of gold. Poured apparently liquid gold and a gold layer coated

radiate ABSOLUTELY GOLD fragrances to the bet.

The MILLION-Duo, a design object of desire goes a step further in terms of eccentricity

and allows himself the luxury of sizes, like you’ve never seen in pure perfume:

Paco Rabanne 1 MILLION GOLD ABSOLUTELY in 100 ml and Lady MILLION GOLD ABSOLUTELY in 80 ml

Paco Rabanne Lady MILLION and 1 MILLION GOLD ABSOLUTELY – The ultimate dream as a pure perfume.

From the end of August on counter

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