MONTEIL Le Nouveau parfum (new 2012)

MONTEIL le nouveau parfum – exciting haute couture for the senses

Extravagant and powerful, sensual and gentle at the same time: the new fragrance from the French cosmetics brand MONTEIL COSMETICS reflects the maxim of Germaine Monteil style icon. The elegant fragrance that is supported by subtle amber and cedar notes seduces with its white flowers and vanilla. A delicate, lemony fresh and fruity note gives ease. MONTEIL “le nouveau parfum” symbolizes femininity exciting in perfect shape.

With a timeless, classic bottle epitomizes the new fragrance by MONTEIL the symbol of a woman, as is Germaine Monteil presented. “A woman can feel comfortable and beautiful place itself, achieve anything,” was the conviction of a visionary. Right from the foundation of her cosmetics company 75 years ago, they believed that a woman can succeed in the life. Sensuality, strength and self-awareness here represent not contradictions, but the mysteries of modern femininity. Her long-standing expertise in the perfume sector took the French cosmetics brand MONTEIL for the development of “Le Nouveau parfum” – after all, is the apparition of a woman crowned with its fragrance.

A timeless fragrance of charm, grace and pride

Slight citrus shades are wrapped in a seductive bouquet of white flowers. Aromas of green apple and plum set delicate accents, while creamy vanilla seduces the senses. Amber crystals complete discreet and easy to the distinctive character of MONTEIL “le nouveau parfum” from.

Top notes: green apple, bergamot and mandarin

Middle notes: plum bouquet of white flowers and

Base notes: vanilla, cedar, amber and balsam of Peru


MONTEIL le nouveau parfum 30ml EdP

MONTEIL le nouveau parfum 50ml EdP

MONTEIL le nouveau parfum 100ml EdP

MONTEIL le nouveau parfum Shower Gel 200 ml

MONTEIL le nouveau parfum body lotion 200 ml

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