L’Oréal New Autumn/Winter 2012

Nude Magique BB Powder

Nothing is more glamorous than a fresh and naturally glowing complexion for a perfect “nude look”. A touch of lipstick to create a perfect contrast.

After the success of Nude Magique BB Cream Powder is available for all fans to discover a new feature: the compact powder Nude Magique BB Powder with its velvety texture. Without the face to make it look too made-up, offers the BB Powder opacity, smoothing, and an anti-glare effect.

Magic in the truest sense of the word! Some Swiss makeup artists even speak of the “chameleon powder” that adapts to any skin color! Just magic!
Nude Magique BB Powder

Nude Magique BB Powder
3 References:
Light / Medium / Foncée
Nude Magique BB Powder

Colour Riche Le sourcil

As we Elizabeth Taylor has already shown us: stressed eyebrows are ultra feminine and intensify the look.
Colour Riche Le sourcil the eyebrow pencil in two colors to blur with the practical eyebrow comb the color accurately.
Color Riche Le Sourcil

Colour Riche Le sourcil
2 References:
302 Golden Brown
303 Deep Brown
Color Riche Le Sourcil

Eye Liner Gel Intenza

The 60chziger years inspire us today in terms of eye makeup, especially the black, thick eyeliner believe in a modern interpretation.

The Eye Liner Gel Intenza with its unique gel texture and his profession tional brush allows precise application, easily and accurately. With water-resistant formula of the gel Intenza holds well and does not smudge.

Deep black, precise eyeliner frames the view. Wow factor guaranteed!
Super Liner Gel Intenza 24H

Superliner Gel Intenza 24H Super Liner Gel Intenza 24H

Perfect Slim Superliner

A “perfect and fine” eyeliner in black, so can I?

Now for all women, including those who have still not feel safe when applying a liquid eyeliner. With the Perfect Slim Superliner is thanks to the “Filzschreiberspitze” the eyeliner easy: easy, accurate, without risk.
Super Liner Perfect Slim

Perfect Slim Superliner
Intense Black
Super Liner Perfect Slim

Mascara Black Smoke

Dark and dull colors are in fashion this season: the elegant “Smoky Look” is born!

Matte lips, matte eyeshadow, and now dull eyelashes!

L’Oreal Paris launches its first matte mascara MEGAvolume Collagène 24H Black Smoke. The perfect “Smoky Look” includes the matte eyeshadow La Couleur Infaillible mat finish and the Colour Riche Le Smoky. Thus, the “matte Smoky Look” is perfect!
Mascara Mega Volume Collagène 24H Black Smoke

Mascara MEGAvolume Collagène 24H Black Smoke Mascara Mega Volume Collagène 24H Black Smoke

Colour Riche Le Smoky

Colour Riche Le Smoky: a color line easy to blur for a perfect Smoky Look.

Colour Riche Le Smoky
5 References:
201 Black Velour
207 Stormy Sea
211 Purple Night
202 Mystic Grey
204 Brown Fusion
Color Riche Le Smoky
Colour Riche Le Khôl
7 References
101 Midnight Black
107 Deep Sea Blue
114 Breezy Lavender
102 Pure Espresso
104 Icy Cappucino
111 Urban Grey
112 Frosted Silver
Color Riche Le Khôl

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