Kérastase Cure Intensive Anti-Chute à l’AMINEXIL ® GL ® M

My breakthrough discovery in the fight against hair loss

Three months ago, I tested the Kérastase Intensive Cure Intensive Anti-Chute à l’AMINEXIL ® GL ® M. Every morning I distributed an ampoule evenly over the scalp and massaging the liquid gently. In a matter of five minutes! The unexpectedly pleasant was that the liquid left behind no visible or noticeable residue. I could style your hair as usual normal. Now I was back to the hairdresser and he showed me evenly distributed 3 cm long hairs that are grown all over the head. For me, an honest revolution! Although I had no real hair loss, but rather very fine hair. Now the structure has not changed, but I have much more mass of hair. This hair treatment I can honestly recommend it to anyone because it really works.

Here is the background information on the hair treatment:

The research Avancée L’Oréal has discovered a new biological cause for hair loss: the micro-irritation of the hair root. The micro-irritation of the hair follicle caused directly under the scalp. This new discovery is not apparent to the naked eye, but it is the first clinical signs of hair loss. The proven anti-hair loss treatment has now been supplemented with the drug Madecassoside, to address all causes of hair loss.

The Kérastase Cure Intensive Anti-Chute à l’AMINEXIL ® GL M ® contains 3 patented active ingredients that fight both first superficial and subsequent deep signs of hair loss:

  1. Madecassoside, an extract of Centella asiatica, soothes the irritation on the surface micro-
  2. Aminexil fights premature aging of the hair root
  3. Gluco-lipids GL stimulates the production of hair matter

The result: Kérastase Cure Intensive Anti-Chute à l’AMINEXIL ® GL ® M visibly slows down hair loss *. You save so 140 hairs per day. **

* Self-assessment of 154 people, after 6 weeks of application.

** Clinical studies with 130 people over 6 weeks. Average value in non-illness-related hair loss.

Invest 6 weeks in the beauty of your hair

To experience the optimal effectiveness of the Kérastase Cure Intensive Anti-Chute à l’AMINEXIL ® GL ® M, apply daily for six weeks on a bottle of parting by. It is recommended that this treatment be applied in spring or autumn, the experience shows predestined for hair loss seasons.  

Stimulate the daily life cycle of your hair with the innovation STIMULISTE

The energy-care between 2 treatments Aminexil ® GL ® M from the house Kérastase, which thanks to a carefully selected composition of active ingredients stimulates the production and nourishes the hair fiber. This care is applied daily and provides the hair roots with essential nutrients. The hair fiber is stronger, richer, and the life cycle of the hair is prolonged.

The Products

Because not every hair has the same needs, the line from Kérastase presents Spécifique a care program for normal and a nascent for thin hair.

For normal hair that is suffering from hair loss:

Bain Prévention (250 ml)

Mild cleaning bath, which acts simultaneously stimulating.

Kérastase Cure Intensive Anti-Chute à l’AMINEXIL ® GL ® M

6-week intensive treatment with triple action against hair loss.

42 applications per 6 ml

Or 10 day course of treatment with 10 applications per 6 ml


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