James Bond 007 fragrance – Eau de Toilette, deodorant, shower gel, after shave (novelty 2012)

The first JAMES BOND 007 fragrance …

… exudes the flair of an icon of masculinity

In this anniversary year, 50 years after the first James Bond film, the first fragrance on the market, which is dedicated to this icon of masculinity: James Bond 007th A classic, unmistakably masculine fragrance, fresh and sophisticated. The essence of a legend. The ultimate fragrance for the modern man

James Bond 007 fragrance – The inspiration

James Bond is the ultimate icon of masculinity – the perfect combination of irresistible sophistication and uncompromising masculinity.

In James Bond 007 combines all these characteristics on dangerous way to a powerful scent that exudes that duality that makes Bond so extraordinary: the mix of sophistication and masculinity.

James Bond 007 fragrance – The Scent

James Bond 007 is a masculine scent for the man Bond from the unique combination of traditional British ingredients was an equally classical and modern fragrance composed – an absolute must-have for the man of the 21st Century.

At the same time, as in the 60s, the first Bond film in theaters came and 007 made his first appearance in the world of men’s fragrances, a new, unusual fragrance family, characterized by a vibrant, ultra-masculine masculinity: the Fougere scents. Now, in the 21st Century will prosper again.

Only an aromatic fougere fragrance – the manliest, alive and dynamic of all fragrance families – can bring this unique mix of masculinity and sophistication to express how it embodies James Bond. And so infatuated with a James Bond 007 uncompromisingly masculine, classic fougere composition with lavender, moss and coumarin.

Male, powerful and sensual vetiver from Haiti infatuated. Crisp green apple – very British and known for its freshness – brings the softer side of James Bond expressed and enriched the fougere notes in prelude to a wonderfully refreshing lightness. Sandalwood in the base note emphasizes the long-lasting masculine appeal of the fragrance.

James Bond 007 fragrance – The packaging

The timelessly elegant design of heavy, dark blue glass bottles of 007 accesses the sensual, elegant lines of the James Bond cars. The inspiration for the refined silver twist lock on the spray button several traditional “Bond toys”. The 007 logo – the intelligence service MI6 code for the license to kill – is embedded as a noble relief cut into the glass surface. Warning … and unmistakable symbol of the dangerous elegance of the fragrance.

James Bond 007 fragrance – Campaign

None other than Greg Williams himself shot the campaign for the new fragrance. He was the official photographer on the film set of the last five Bond films – including the new Bond adventure “Skyfall.” Acts as a key visual is a modern interpretation of the legendary Bond silhouette. A motif that exudes that aura of mystery, power and danger, which inspires every man, even to exude an air of James Bond flair. Just like the opening credits of the classic James Bond films also shows the campaign theme a mysterious play of light and shadow. In the background the typical, resembling an iris close-up of a revolver cylinder. Previously: Masculine elegance in dress. The face remains in shadow and are not really the identity of the 007th Any man can – at least in my mind – to project his own face on the silhouette.

James Bond 007 fragrance – The range

James Bond 007 fragrance, Eau de Toilette 50 ml

James Bond 007 fragrance, Eau de Toilette 75 ml

James Bond 007 fragrance, After Shave 50 ml

James Bond 007 fragrance, Shower Gel 150 ml

James Bond 007 fragrance, Deodorant Natural Spray 75 ml

James Bond 007 fragrance, Deodorant Aerosol Spray 150 ml

James Bond 007 fragrance, Deodorant Stick 75 ml

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